"Love You Forever, Only In That Way" - A Review

 About The Book –

Inspired by true events of a good for nothing guy...   

Sids girlfriend(s) were the one(s) who made his world go round. Everything else was just a waste. Every relationship started as True Love but never lasted more than a few weeks.

Sids college life in engineering was a goldmine of entertainment which helped him categorize guys and gals from spectacled geeks to despo togo on bed. Cj and Chaubey always busy in playing baloneys and talking sen-sex.

All the fun stops when Sid meets Avni, the drowned in tears girl from Nehru College. Trysts and late night romantic chats, saccharine college memories, Rohit screwing up with Sid, Trisha-Isha bitching around, dating tips, deadly adventurous sports with heavenly hotties in shorties and much more follows next.

This person can be one amongst you... This reality might be yours!! Sids end might be a new beginning for you...

About The Author –

Saurabh Dudeja graduated in Computer Science from ICFAI University in 2011, and is currently working with a leading General Insurance Company in India. Besides an exuberant blogger and free-time guitarist, he has been a college level dancer-cum-choreographer and table-tennis player. He loves playing squash and is a bowling freak. 

Coming To The Story –  
“Love you forever… only in that way” is a story about protagonist Sid who is flirt. The story revolves around Sid’s college life. He had been in many relationships but nothing worked out. He was thrown at a same place by each girl every time he tries to be in any relationship. College, exams, friends and new girlfriends keep his life going and his quest for true love alive. And then he broke up with sexiest girl in college, Shikha.
And then, he starts chatting with a random girl, he never talked with on Facebook, Avni. With the time, they come close. And eventually, Sid falls in love with Avni.
And then twist comes. Avni tells him that she has got committed with Rohit. And then Sid, with his broken heart walks away from her life. Then Sid sulks himself in sadness.
But then he meets Richa, which brings happiness in his life once again.

What happens next? Does Sid fall in love again, with Richa? Or his heart still beats for Avni? Who is true love of his life? Richa or Avni?

Read the book and you shall get your answers. Not just the answers: sheer delight will be your valuable bonus!

Praise –

As a first time author, Saurabh has done a good job with book. The language he used shows he has a very good knowledge of English as it is flawless and is very appealing. Author has tried to give a message in the end through the book. 

The book is fully packed with humor. In some chapters I found it inspiring.  In last few chapters author has shown the signs of maturity.  I love the way he has given theories on love. I love the way he has drawn characters in every chapter as everyone can relate to them to yourself.

Flaws – 

I didn’t find any grammatical mistake. Like other books, it also has the same unpredictable ending. He should have tried something different.
He could have written much better than this. So, in next book try to enhance your writing in much more better way.

Summing Up –

I would like to rate this book 2.75/5. It is a light read for weekends. You can go for it. It’s fully packed with humor and love. So, you will enjoy it. It worth’s a read.


Thank you Aman! Thanks a lot.. I hope writing will improve with time..

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